Turkey, Your Way
Istanbul Tours

Istanbul Tours

Amazing Istanbul. Where does one start in describing Istanbul? Its history? Its beauty? Its atmosphere? Istanbul is unique among the great cities of the world.
  • It straddles two continents, Europe and Asia;
  • Its history encompasses three major civilizations of the ancient world: Roman, Greek, and Byzantine, plus the johnny-come-lately Ottoman Empire. And, all that history is visible on almost every street corner with modern buildings built on top of ancient ruins and remnants of ancient walls lining today’s streets;
  • The Bosphorus, a waterway famed in the ancient world, provides the backdrop to all that makes Istanbul Istanbul - exotic, Eastern and yet Western, a magical skyline. We have posted several tours and a variety of activities for exploring Istanbul. Several more are available.
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Old Ottoman Capital, Selimiye Mosque, Bayezid Hospital, Historical Bridge
Sile Fishing Town, Agva Fishing Town, Goksu River, Boat Trip on the River
Local Streets, Local Shops & Traditional Restaurants

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