Turkey, Your Way

An experience just for you in Turkey

Your focus may be simply Istanbul, or it may be wide ranging, regional, or specific to a time period or subject (history, archaeology, architecture, culture, rugs, food and wine, environmental). Or, you may enjoy a bit of all these.

BarefootPlus will work closely with you to create a trip that fulfills your most ambitious — or, most relaxed — wish list.

We can arrange special activities, such as tours of olive groves, wineries, handcraft centers, artists studios and meetings with artists, tours of mosques not usually open to visitors, museum visits, and even dinner with a Turkish family.

Talk with us about what you envision. BarefootPlus will plan your trip to your wishes, make all necessary arrangements, and provide licensed professional guides and local experts.

Call or email us now about your trip to Turkey, or ask us a quick question.


"It was marvelous.

We went to Safranbolu, Ankara , Goreme et al, Konya , Pamukkale, Selchuk, Assos, Tekirdag in eight days. Cengiz was fantastic; an excellent driver, conservative but made good time. He is superb at finding the good boutiqe hotels which make the trip unique and he is equally good at finding the good kebap restaurants in the many small towns where you need to stop for lunch. You know how congenial a companion he is, he was our driver, guide and full member of our party. The vehicle was very comfortable. It would seat 7; three on each seat in the back and one upfront with Cengiz. We had five which was a little more comfortable and left more room for luggage which as you know tends to grow as one travels across Turkey . We would like to come for the 45th, but need to go to Phoenix for a nephews wedding earlier in the month so will have to see."
— Chuck